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Replacing coolant pipe o-ring HELP

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I have had a small coolant leak since I got this car about a 2 years now... I have over heated twice (Radiator froze over..) Everything should still be ok but Ill get into that later..

Long story short. The hard coolant pipe on the front of the block leaks at the block. I have the new o-ring but I cant get the dang pipe out!
I have coil pack removed and now there is a bracket under that, that I need to remove.
The issue is that a clip holding some wires in place is in the way so I can't get a socket over it.
I don't want to break the clip off. Does anyone know how to remove the wire clip from the bracket to get the bracket off?
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Is it just a clip or an electrical connector? If it's a clip it should just pull off. Look to see if there are any locks on it that you have to push in to get it off. Also if the bolt is around the coolant hose you should use a crow foot style socket if it is stuck, you will have less of a chance of stripping the bolt.
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