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Replacing oem radio 1999 beetle

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Hi there I need to replace the oem radio in my mother-in-law beetle and I am going to buy used either from a junk yard or from eBay. Do I have to match any numbers from the broken stock radio to the replacement used oem radio in order for it to work? Thank you!
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I think you just need the 4 digit code to get the radio to work. It might be written on the top of the radio box.

I'd check out the Junkyard first- my local yard is a U Pull It type, they run weekend specials with radios at 5 bucks (just have to wait till the right weekend). Maybe you could make a good score. My yard only has 1 (really smashed and ripped up) New Beetle currently. Not much left on that one... Dave
Better ebay sellers will provide the security code for the radio.

Cannot guarantee it, but there are claims the dealer can get the security code if you provide the radio serial number. Some do it if for free, some may want to charge for it.

I would recommend a later model CD player, but I have a perfectly good cassette but it is a Monsoon head unit, I do not think they had Monsoon systems in the 1999.
The radio has RIN, just like your NB's VIN; if you take your mom-n-law's car and the replacement radio to the dealer, they can get you the four digit activation code.
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