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Replacing speakers in a 98 vw beetle.

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Forgive me if there is a simple answer to this topic on the forum somewhere. If there is you can just link me to the correct thread. I have been looking this up and can't find a clear cut answer. I want to replace my old speakers in my bug. I was thinking that if I only replace the front door speakers, then the sound would get a lot better without me having to replace both the front and back speakers (which would be more expensive). I then found some people say that replacing just the front speakers would be worthless, because they are only woofers or something like that. Is that true? Is the process really all that complicated? I just want to buy the right size speakers, and pay someone to put them in for me. Is there a specific set of speakers that I can buy that are guaranteed to fit my beetle perfectly without any problems? Thanks guys.
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I replaced my stock speakers in my car a couple years ago (as they were starting to go in the doors). I went to Best Buy and purchased 2 pairs of Pioneer 3 way speakers (6" round). The total for the 2 pair AND they installed was under $350 and took only a couple hours with an appointment. Couldn't have been happier!:D
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