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I'm in process of trying to get the rag running right. For those who aren't familiar, the base story can be found in my other thread about the head gasket. Long story short, a year later and I finally got the oil and coolant leak fixed. Now, the damn timing is out, and only by a tooth. Considering how much of a PITA this has been so far I'm ready to cash in a bond and get someone to fix it. The count for re-replacement parts so far: 2 belts (first replacement ruined by oil leak); cam seal (which caused said leak); 3 t-stat housing rings; 8 mount bolts.

I know it can be timed in place, but I get really aggrevated having to fit the tool in the mount to tighten the tensioner, and would prefer to take it apart again and do it right. Everyone knows the issues with dealers not having these in stock (and shipping costs online, which negate the savings), and I'm sick of spending close to $20 for 4 bolts, and want to stud.

From what I understand, the M12 (larger bolts) can be drilled and tapped for M12 X 1.75 studs, but am not sure what the M10 would convert to (M10 x 1.5 maybe?). There seems to be some controversy as to why VW decided on TTY for the mounts; regardless, I hate them and want to upgrade.

ARP sells a kit to replace the TTY head bolts, so I can only imagine they have hardware for the mounts, as well. I contacted ARP and, of course, they want me to do the research to find the size. Seems like, considering this is their specialty, they should know this. On second though, if TTY is used for engine breakaway during accidents, they are covering their 6.
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