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With the new software I figured this post was due for an update.

There has been a lot of spam going around lately and the only way to remove it is to ensure that the right people see it. While the moderator staff tries to stay on top of things, we can't catch everything. It is a great help to have posts reported so that they can be reviewed by the moderators.

To report a post is simple, at the bottom of each post is a series of icons


The report icon is the gray circle with the !. To report a post, just click on that icon, enter a descriptive reason for the suspected spam and click Report. If there is any porn or not safe for work (NSFW) material, it is imperative that you note this in the report! Moderators may be handling things from work.

Please help us keep the community clean and free of spam! If in doubt, report, nothing bad will happen to you / the poster if it turns out not to be spam.
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