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NOTE: This posting was originally in the "Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha" page but upon the advice of a couple of forum members I have decided to post it here as well.

I was going to post this last night but was too tired to do anything on the computer. So here is my review of a mechanic in NW Indiana who did the timing belt and water pump replacement on my 2003 New Beetle GLS Turbo "Color Concept."

Yesterday, I took my NB in to Klarer Automotive in Schererville, IN for a timing belt and water belt replacement. I was greeted by the owner, Wil Klarer and discussed what needed to be done. The job took roughly 3-3.5 hours and cost me only $550. What was replaced is as follows: timing belt, water pump, tensioner pulleys, bolts for the engine mount, and G12 coolant. Belt is Continental, other parts are OEM.

Mr. Klarer was a 15 year mechanic with BMW and in 2009 decided to go out on his own and open a garage which services German cars (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and yes, VW). The garage may be more like a neighborhood one than a dealer, but keep in mind that Klarer has been open in its current location for about three years. As word about Klarer Automotive grows and business picks up that at some point that Klarer may have to find a bigger garage to keep up, which is not a bad thing.

The expertise and service at Klarer was comparable to a reputable dealer. There was no pushing of any unnecessary services or stuff.

The waiting area is small but there is a comfy leather couch, piles of mostly automotive magazines (which helps pass the time quite quickly) and the TV.

Overall, Klarer Automotive is a good place to get your car serviced. The friendly service and decent prices should do the business well.

Klarer Automotive is located at 1145 Commercial Dr. (just 2 blocks east of US Rt 41) in Schererville, IN. Phone number is (219) 718-6322 (ask for Wil). They are online at http://www.klarer-automotive.com.

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Great news Mr Deez:bigthumb:

It's always good to hear about "the good shops" out there.
I have a shop here in Jacksonville, FL, similar to Klarer Automotive. I won't gravy train on your thread to mention them- this is all about Klarer:)

Hopefully others in your area will see this write up and find this great jobber.
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