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Revs drop while accelerating

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So I've got a problem. I've noticed that when I'm accelerating that my revs will drop from about 3k to about 2.2k and then start to go back up again. I have a 2003 1.8T. I just changed the fuel filter so I know that's not it. I'm thinking maybe fuel pump? My CEL is on and the two codes are for catalytic converter and fuel too lean. I don't think the catalytic converter would cause the revs to drop but I don't know. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
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So, would you say; that the car is "hesitating" under boost/load? Please post any and all trouble codes you are seeing. You might have a boost leak (check hoses) or boost actuation issue (diverter valve, boost actuator valves etc). Check out this thread for more info:


If you want to test your fuel pump; you can buy a cheap tester at places like harbor freight and test it yourself

($20: look for a extra 20% off coupon).

Fuel Injection Pump Tester

Pittsburgh Automotive - Item#92699[/B]

Fuel Pressure Tester & Fuel Injection Pump Tester

Fuel Pressure: Specifications

System Pressure FUEL PRESSURE

Vacuum Connected: 2.5 bar

Vacuum Disconnected: 3.0 bar

Residual Pressure:

After 10 minutes there must be a residual pressure of at least: 2.0 bar.

Here are the fuel pressure testing procedures:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > New Beetle L4-1.8L Turbo (AWP) (2003) > Maintenance > Tune-up and Engine Performance Checks > Fuel Pressure > System Information > System Diagnosis > With Manufacturer's Scan Tool
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hockey puck

You know how to play hockey? LOL :p Never mind. It sounds like it's getting too much air for the amount of fuel and I believe the Hockey puck valve is suppose to regulate that unless it's stuck in the open position.....my 2 cents on this. good luck.
Codes would help a lot! And how many miles are on your car? Have you ever replaced the Fuel pump?
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