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Shes a beauty ill post a pic at the weekend (motorway driving this week has made her filthy you can barely see her gorgeous body). She maybe a five year old but she is in near mint condition (after a lot of money as her previous 4 owners had really mistreated her)

Things Fixed from previous owner

She had been through an accident shortly after I purchased her due to a little boy ricer freak in his stupid Honda Civic R type ploughing me in to the side of the road (he couldn't handle his r type on a roundabout pushing me in to the roundabout and trashing the alloys and more), Rice freaks antics required the following to fix it.
  • Rear axle needed replacing (took me 2 days to sort this baby out). Ill do a step by step if anybody needs it.
  • New bearings and hub on driver rear side.
  • New bearings, housing and shock on Front driver side.

Also not related to the accident

  • New seals on the boot/trunk as previous owners had torn them to bits.
  • Engine repairs, new maf sensors, lambda probes £750 worth or repairs under there. Needs rebuild as the o rings are gone and burning oil at an astonishing pace.

All done by me, the best toy i've bought is the vag com!!


  • Chrome trimmed rear brake light.
  • Blue lit bud vase.
  • GPS Sat Nav built in to dash.
  • VW Tax Disc Holder

Future Plans

  • Investigating redoing the centre dials to build sat nav in to it like the dune bug prototype.
  • Replacement shocks
  • Lowering Springs

Shes my pride and joy wouldn't have it any other way she has been through a rough childhood but shes under good care now.
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