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Show Date : June 26th-29th MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!
Show Artwork: Dairy Capitol - by Oliver Mueller-Heubach

Host Hotel - Hampton Inn and Comfort Inns
Hampton Inn, 3607 North Main, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201, 575-623-5151
$89 Show Rate - Ask for the New Beetle Convention rate, Ask for Carrie Milstead or Heather Hellmers if person who answers doesn't recognize the rate.

Comfort Inn (smoking and pet rooms), 3595 N. Main St., Roswell, NM, US, 88201, (575) 623-4567
$89 - a few folks have booked through https://www.choicehotels.com/choice-privileges program and gotten an $89 rate.

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/286031688242279
Facebook Event Page - https://www.facebook.com/events/775552312464574/
CapsuleCam - View and contribute photos from Route 66 - Roswell 2015 with CapsuleCam! Download for iPhone or Android: Use Join Code: WVEPX (Thanks Tabitha!)
Hot Wheels Races - Chris and Carrie Haze
Twitter - @Return2Roswell
PREREGISTER!!! - Pre-Registration Form up and working! Click Here.

Show Location - International UFO Museum And Research Center - Evening/Night Show!
International UFO Museum And Research Center

Hot Wheels Racing - Chris and Carrie Haze
Judging - participant judged
Trophies - Top Awards for New Beetles/Beetles - participant judged
Banquet - Sunday Lunch-ish Banquet

Final Schedule

Thursday - Albuquerque BBQ - Sue Isley
Sue Isley is again hosting a Pre-Roswell get together in Albuquerque for those caravaning from the Western part of the US...
Greetings to all NB & 2012 Beetle people headed for Roswell this year! As some of you already know from past years, Aaron and Sue will be hosting a barbeque at their home in Albuquerque on the evening of Wednesday, June 5th for those traveling through the area while en route to Roswell. We welcome all, regardless of point of origin, to join us at our home prior to the final leg of the trip to Roswell on the following day. Traditionally, it has been NB folks from SoCal who have stopped by, but we want to emphasize that this invitation is open to all New Beetle and 2012+ Beetle owners. As the date approaches, it is helpful to have a head-count of those who would like to join the party.
CiaoBug (2000 NB)and Halcyon (2012 Beetle) are looking forward to welcoming all of their friends and relatives!
Friday June 26th
4:00pm - Meet and Greet at the International UFO Museum And Research Center, 114 North Main Street
7:00pm / Suggested Dinner / Farley’s Food Fun & Pub
1315 North Main Street
• 7 p.m. Dinner at Farley’s Food Fun & Pub

Saturday June 27th

9:00am / Parking Lot Olympics / Comfort Inn Back parking lot or Wool Bowl Stadium - N Grand Ave (if the back lot at the Comfort Inn is available we will setup there by 9am...if not, then there is a huge parking lot at the Wool Bowl)
Run your beetle and yourself through some inventive challenges and compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.

10:30 (whenever Parking Lot Olympics are over)
Afternoon - See List of possible activities below -
Bitter Lake Wild Life Refuge Excursion - Lead by Tiffani Holtmeier and Carrie Haze
Stay in Roswell and cruise to all the different photo sites with your bug (mural walls, UFO cut outs along the road, etc)
Time to clean your car

6:00pm-7:00pm / Car Show Setup / UFO Museum
Car Show - Set up your car - Sign in or Register
participant judging to start at 7pm.

8:00pm / Hot Wheel Races / UFO Museum
Bring your fastest Hot Wheels car (or pick one up at Walmart)
Trophies will be handed out for the top 3 cars!

9:30pm / Judging Ends / UFO Museum
Please turn in your ballots to the ballot box by 9:30pm

9:30pm / Start glowing up Bugs / TBD
Start decorating your bug for the Glow Cruise

10:30pm / Glow Cruise the Strip / Show location to Host Hotel
At 10:30pm we will depart from the Show location and drive the strip to the Host Hotel.
Be sure to pack your bug before we leave the parking lot.

Raffle/Door Prize request - please bring one VW, bug type item, alien or regional item to share with others to the show...so we can tag it and have it ready for raffling at the Banquet - or we will let you know who’s room you can bring your item to after the show/throughout the weekend.
This has always been a fun sharing activity for the weekend.

Sunday June 28th
2:00-4:00 / Lunch Banquet - Awards Ceremony / At Portofino's Restaurant, 1203 W 2nd St - (575) 625-8410 (menu attached at bottom of thread)

Raffle/Door prizes picked up before entering the Banquet Room (you will get a ticket when you drop your item off on Friday or Saturday)
Good socializing with other new beetle folks!
Slide Show! of the weekends photos and some of the scavenger hunt photos.
Award Presentations! (awards are presented at the banquet, not the car show)

Afternoon - See List of possible activities below -

Monday June 29th
Breakfast and travel home

List of Possible Activities that have been or are being discussed/planned for afternoon/evenings
Cruise to White Sands - White Sands National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)
Cruise to the Observatory - National Solar Observatory - New Mexico Tourism - Travel & Vacation Guide
Cruise to Bottomless Lake State Park - EMNRD State Parks Division
Drive-In Movie - https://www.facebook.com/fiestadrivein

Currently we have 35 cars pre-registered containing 53 people (That's a Herbie number!).
States represented so far…
New Mexico - including Roswell!

Years represented…
1998 (2.0 supercharged)
1999 (2.0)
2000 (2.0 supercharged)
2001 (1.8T)
2002 (TDI, 2.0, 1.8t Turbo S, Snap, DoubleYellow)
2003 (1.8T, Turbo S)
2006 (2.5)
2007 (2.5)
2010 (2.5)
2012 (2.5, 2.0 Turbo)
2013 (2.0diesel, Turbo-Fender, 2.0)
2014 (2.0T-GSR-R-Line)

Pre-registered - 33 beetles! (hopefully more will register-LOL)
1 Antoine D - Marvins_dad
2 Dennis B
3 [strike]Ana G[/strike] - Hanging out with new baby Hollie
4 Tonia B
5 Michael L
6 Tiffini H
7 Patric S
8 Carolyn D
9 Rhonda M
10 J Wayne B
11 Sue I
12 Aaron G
13 Chuck C
14 Jerry O
15 Jason D
16 Cameron C
17 Oliver M
18 Laura P
19 Patricia B
20 Ben C
21 Tom A
22 Lisa R
23 Richard J
24 Luke H
25 [strike]Dustin M[/strike] - contemplating on another career change
26 Ahlia J
27 Chris H
28 Danny R
29 Robert S
30 David S
31 Audra J
32 Carrie H
33 Brian W
34 Shawn G
35 Raymond D
36 William G
37 Chad C


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Amsterdam to Roswell is 5156 air miles. That would probably get the farthest Beetle Traveled trophy, Dave would get the runner up slot being about 2419 miles from Orlando if he goes to Chicago with us.

That is unless of course we get someone from Alaska or Greenland to attend!


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Amsterdam to Roswell is 5156 air miles. That would probably get the farthest Beetle Traveled trophy, Dave would get the runner up slot being about 2419 miles from Orlando if he goes to Chicago with us.

That is unless of course we get someone from Alaska or Greenland to attend!

Brenda Sheets is still in the mix! (Alaska)
Our Maine friends as well. LOL

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I see Rhonda, Sue and I are on the Roswell "ground" team. Can you tell us exactly what that is? :D
LOL - left over from last year, but figured you guys would be willing if need be.

Last year Rhonda had her cousin? pass out flyers around town to let the shops know we were coming and contacted the radio.

Sue was telling me she would be available to check out any locations we were looking at for the show and also could swing by the hotels.

That kind of stuff...scouting or contacting folks locally. Maybe even helping with the Road Rally/Scavenger hunt if we need some local-ish folks to help plan.

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Looks like Roswell Cosmicon is the same weekend, but it doesn't look like that big of an event - located at the Mall and Holiday Inn is the host hotel.

Might be worth checking out when we have down time.

But also probably need to get our host hotel set up.

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Yep- we've had activities for the kids in the past- hotwheels races, beetle decorating contests and games. Just be sure they're prepared for the high temps:)

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Counting Down

362 day Bump!


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Laycee and I wouldn't miss this for anything! Roswell always been so fun

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I don't remember if the chosen hotels there had laundry facilities or not. After driving from Florida to Chicago and then down Rt66 to Roswell I am going to need to do a load of laundry!

We stayed at the Comfort Suites/Inn when we went in 2011. We stayed in a whirlpool room. I suppose I could just dump some soap in there and wallow around with my dirty clothes on. Sounds like the makings of an epic party to me!

We will have something like 5 more days to go till we get to LA on Rt66 so I am sure the group going with us will appreciate me not smelling awful!


308 Days until IBT2015
316 Days until Roswell
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