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Please vote for your favorite SHIRT design...

Roswell 2015 - Show Shirt Voting Thread

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Please vote for the artwork you would like to have on the shirt...meaning - you would purchase this shirt.
We can't please everyone...but would like to get a majority vote so we have a direction for the shirt artwork.

Note - most likely any artwork will need some more work done to it to make it "Shirt Worthy" - so look past the "register" "2003" or anything that doesn't look exactly correct. We will work on the text and line weights, etc to make it more produce-able.


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7 -

8 -
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#7 was rejected last time, but I like it.

As you noted, Antoine, the images have to be enlarged to make it legible. Those small images or letters won't be able to be seen properly, as in other years.

Also, I thought you guys wanted to stay away from a large square with a design inside, and instead have large letters with some artwork. I think it's more easily printable and viewed.

I've emailed the t-shirt company to find out what lead times they need as we're getting close. We have to nail this down very soon or there won't be shirts.

Unfortunately, with the divorce and moving to a new house with a mortgage and new job, I won't be attending this year. :(
I can still have the shirts shipped to the host hotel for distribution by someone.

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Looks like #7 is our winner... I didn't even get my vote in, oops.
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