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Yikes Roswell will be here before we know it! As such, decal pre-order is starting NOW! Pre-order link can be found --> HERE <--

Pre-Order deadline is June 10th!


Decals are 2x6" and will cost $1.



Available colors are as follows:

Red, Blue, Navy blue, Forest green, While, Black, Pink, Yellow, Lime green (quasi Cybergreen), Metallic silver

Order details:

To order please fill out the google form located --> HERE <--

I will send out paypal invoices at the close of pre-ordering, or you can pay in cash at Roswell.

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I will like 2 decals, doesn't matter color, two of the same color is preferable.
A large t-shirt as well. Will have at least $50 in Cash, possibly $100...if the Yellow Ducky doesn't surprise me with some unexpected repair.
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