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Hey there,

I know it's a little late but seeing that people have posted in the January ROTM entry thread, I didn't want to waste the effort.

Please vote for your favourite Beetle!!


Fiona, 2003 Cyber Green Color Concept New Beetle with gorgeous green seats!

Dale: (Chip's brother). 2012 no mods. [Do you have a Dale parked somewhere?]

S33RY M's:
2001 18turbo 5speed
specs: Upgrade

Turbo intake pipe
K&N filter
3in decat
Milltek exhaust, custom back box
312 fronts and 256 rear discs
Tdi 5gear
JOM coilovers

Remapped to 220 bhp


November 2002 Turbo S, coming from a 71 super mint show car.
Work done so far: New pads, rotors, fluid, high capacity oil filter and mag drain, New gearbox oil and mag drain(vw spec and still a little clunky in the cold), fresh g12, silicone vacuum and boost hoses, battery in the trunk, amped, 2.0 coil conversion with new plugs @.36?, sai blocked, pcv refreshed

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