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Ruff start- up after drive

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My 99 GL starts ruff after being driven or started. It died twice before, then would start back up. I also included the issue I have with my speedometer. I replace the speedometer with one from the junkyard and now the needles work, but it still does some weird buzz. I got this car running after it sat for a year and a half. Got a TBA, air filter, oil filter, and oil change. Could a dirty Throttle body cause the ruff start? Will upload video in a few.

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Have you scanned for codes?
Here"s a link to the video:

The codes I have are:

On January 11th I changed oil, oil filter, air filter, and both O2 sensors with Bosch ones I got on Amazon.
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Didn't we already have a thread for you; working on these issues? You can start by looking up the codes here: ross tech wiki:

Ross-Tech Wiki

You seem to be dealing with the same codes; misfires, 02 sensors not working, coolant temp sensor bad and your throttle body needing adaptation. You need to start; doing some testing , troubleshooting steps and check your coil packs for cracks? Look up the codes on the ross tech wiki for more info and leads, on what to do to diagnose the problems.
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