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As stated in my other thread I just replaced the HG and timing belt; now it runs like garbage (rough idle, sputters when driving) and sounds like there's a leak somewhere around the passenger side of the intake. The battery is also dead and will barely jump.

When I spray cleaner around the intake, the idle smooths a bit. The timing marks were nearly spot on (about 1/2 a MM off, which was the closest I could get them; the lower cover may have been skewed a bit, as well, because I could get the mark to line up when I messed with it). Otherwise, it seems to rev and accelerate just fine, plus no bad internal noises.

The plugs and wires are new.

I know the battery is the first suspect, but would a bad battery cause the idle and driveability issue? Also, where should I start the leak search?

I hope this is something simple as I do NOT want to dig back into that timing set again.

Another thought; would reversing the fuel supply and return lines during reinstall also cause these issues?
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