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safe mode question

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what causes a Harman-Kardon Monsoon receiver to go into "safe mode." Mine did it again today, and has at times in the past. 4 days ago I had the alternator replaced with a new one. Could there be any connection?
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Probably when the battery was disconnected for the replacement alt.

The times where the radio went into 'safe'..probably would directly relate to voltage loss to it. It's a safe guard against theft. Disconnect the power, and the radio thinks it's been removed and installed but doesn't know which car it's in. It's supposed to, it's been my understanding, match itself up with the car soon thereafter and not require reprogramming. But judging by a lot of the posts online here and other forums? It's a bit hit/miss.

Just be glad you saved the radio code! I have a factory radio out of a beetle that was sent to the crusher, so I have no vin..And the dealerships so far have refused to aid me in finding the code so I can install the upgraded radio in ours.

Check the ground point under the battery if you still have issues. It is a PITA as the battery and plastic lower battery tray have to come out for access.

But is sounds like for some reason there is an intermittent power issue, this may also be why the alternator was in need of replacement?

Does the audio system have a faint whine in the speakers when the sound is turned all the way down?
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