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Satellite Radio stuck on "Updating"

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Tried to reactivate my Sirius Radio in the OEM unit yesterday and haven't had luck.

It is stuck on channel 184 (normal) but I am not hearing any sound at all (not even trial music/advertisement)

Radio display says Updating with the 888 number for sirius.

Talked to Sirius and they told me I'd have to take it to the dealer to diagnose.

Anyone else have any solutions/ideas before I take it to VW?

It is a 2008 VW Convertible Sirius Antenna is on dash.

Many thanks in advance!
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Disconnect the battery terminals and then connect the disconnect terminals together for 30+ seconds.

Reconnect battery and see if anything changes.

Good luck.
Thanks, i'll give this a shot this weekend and let you guys know if it works!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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