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I'm looking into buying a handheld scanner tool for a 2000 vw nb I have a engine code and abs light I would like to diagnose at home and repair myself. But I read so much on things some won't do. I would like to find one that would do other domestic cars as well but I don't want one I hook to a computer. I want a handheld version. I need to buy a new key fob also and have it programmed if it would do that is a plus but not a necessity. Btw I'm not rich. Lol.
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There are so many out there; it is hard to recommend just "one", a basic scan tool that is vw compatible is the Vgate VAS450 for about $50. It does not do "live" data and it is a basic code reader that will read VW specific codes; from all the computers/modules on the car; it is powered by the OBD II port and doesn't require batteries. It has been said that it will read many other cars as well; show the typical obd II codes from them but I cannot vouch for this. Look on amazon; for that scanner and many others... typical searching with "VAG" will pop up many VW specific scan tools.

When it comes to adding and matching keys; you will need secret key code from the speedo cluster and this can be done with a program called Vag Tacho 2.5; it worked for me but not without a bit of work to get it running (chinese clone cable/software; can be bought on amazon.com). After you get the secret key code; you can then program it with VCDS from Ross Tech and you will be golden. That being said; the chinese copy Vagtacho is about $30 from amazon and VCDS runs about $250 to $350 (depending if you want to be able to scan later CAN BUS VWs)... so, its not terribly cost effective @ about $300 to $400 just to match some new keys. Note: Vagtacho and VCDS; require the use of a windows based pc.

If you are looking to get some new keys; this guy, seems to have the best prices:


If you see yourself owning/repairing your VW, for any length of time; I would recommend you buy VCDS and it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs, that you can do yourself!

If you want to keep costs down; you can call your local Auto locksmith and he will be able to program your new keys for a reasonable price, call around and see what their prices are, they can very widely at times.

I hope this helps; if you have any more questions... let us know! :cool:
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