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Seesaw motion under hard acceleration 2014 GSR/R-Line

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When I'm under hard acceleration, typically after down shifting to 3rd and flooring it at highway speed, it is very difficult to keep the car in a straight line. It wants to seesaw left and right. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas as to cause/solution? My car is a 2014 6 speed manual GSR with stock tune, Borla catback exhaust and CSI Turbo CAI

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Sounds like it could be torque steer.
Definitely torque steer. A torque biasing differential may help some but I was always told it was mainly due to unequal drive shaft lengths
Sounds like a good running car!
Will probably put the hurt on some Mustangs on the highway.
It is rare that manufacturers produce cars that run that well nowadays.
Enjoy it, and be safe...

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