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Hello all!

I'm very sad to say that I recently involved my poor defenseless millenium Beetle in an accident. I smashed up the radiator and the front end, and as she's already cost me so much I'd rather let her go at this point. I don't want to let her go to a junk yard because she still runs, just would need more work to fix.

The good news is that I've had the transmission rebuilt within the last 2 years and I'm only asking $1,500 for the car. The bad news is that you'd have to tow her off yourself, because as I said, no radiator so she's not driveable, and the trunk latch is non functioning. That's about it, so if you think you can take it off my hands, please let me know. Thanks for looking!

The car is located in San Diego, CA. Pic of damage attached.


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