Mileage:130000 M
Just looking to see if anyone would be interested. I have an 03 plate convertible aquarius blue beetle to sell. I absolutely adore it but it’s not practical for me to have anymore and I’m looking for someone to love it. It’s a petrol with an automatic roof and windows, although the motor needs replaced in the back drivers side window. I had a Bluetooth CD player put in it but I still have the original tape deck fitting if you would prefer. It’s done upwards of 130,000 miles - including a beautiful trip round the NC500! It’s still running well, although hasn’t been driven in a few months so will need a battery charge to get it going.

I really am just looking for someone to take it on as a project and love it, I would be happy to sell it for less than £100 I’m just keen it goes to someone who will love and enjoy it like I did.