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First P0137 points to oxygen sensor low voltage and that's not related to any other parts. Check battery connections and pre-cat oxygen sensor connections and wires. If they are all good replace the oxygen sensor. Second guess is that you have a vacuum leak, especially to the solenoid that controls the secondary air control valve. Also check the hose from air filter housing to the secondary air pump.

Hi all, new to the "new" bug family. Last one I had was a 74' and things have changed. I got a used 2000 with a 2.0 Car runs great once you get passed 40mph. Before that, especially under load, it seems to have a spark knock. It is definitely coming from top of the motor. (acts as though it is bad crank or rod bearing) but the noise is coming from the top. To hear the knock, I have to put it in drive, hold the break and gas it to about 1500rpm's.

Today I took it in to my parts store and got the following codes - P0411, P1582, P0300-P0304 and finally P0137

I have changed the spark plugs, wires and ignition coil.

Again, this is strange because the motor runs perfect in park and after aprox 40mph's. Any ideas or is it time to break out the check book?

Thanks, Stan the man
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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