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HOLA GUYS! Well, I've finally managed to re-register, but not only that, but I've also managed to become a New Beetle owner again!

Well, actually I bought it for my wife. It is her Christmas present but I'll certainly be driving it. The FOURTH New Beetle in our family is an 06 GLS convertable auto with pkg 1, auto tranny, and the fabulous 2.5 liter engine. I absolutely love that engine. The car is Harvest Moon with a beige top.

The day after we bought it, the OBD system died and had to be replaced. I guess everything needs a hiccup. We bought the car at Lewisville VW in Lewisville, TX and I was EXTREMELY happy with their sales dept.

After driving, I guess my only gripe would be that the seat belts are to far back to be easily reached. I think VW would be making a real improvement to integrate the belts into the seats. Besides that, I have absolutely no complaints. This is still a great car. That engine and transmission combo are absolutely incredible.

Well, I'll be seeing ya'll around. Look for me and the wife to be at the next North Texas Bug gathering :D
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