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Shake From Right Front

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I took my daughter's 99 Beetle to the tire shop because it was shaking in the front end. They told me the tires were bubbled so I bought new tires. Now I still get an aggressive shake that seems to be in the same frequency as the tire rotation but only when accelerating. Any thoughts?
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Return to the tire shop and have them:

- Rebalance all 4 wheels, showing you that once "done" the machine actually shows that zero additional wheel weights are req'd.

- While the wheels are being spun on the spin balancer, watch closely for a hop, or side-to-side wobble in tire tread AND in the wheel rim. Not uncommon for wheels to get curbed so hard that they are either bent out of round, or wind up with a side-to-side shimmy.

- Make sure that none of the wheels is taking a bunch of weight in order to balance out. Typically, a quality tire (you did by quality tires right?) on a good wheel, will balance out with 1 ounce of weight or less. When you start seeing 1.5oz or more that can be an indication that the heavy spot on the tire, has been mounted right over the heavy spot on the wheel. Have the tire guy rotate the tire on the wheel 180 degrees, and rebalance. If that doesn't get the weight amount low, you either have a defective tire, or wheel.

- While the car is up in the air, inspect all the front suspension components and bushings. Also inspect the axles and the rubber boots covering the CV Joints at the ends of each axle. If the axles have a lot of miles on them, it's not uncommon for excessively worn inner CV Joints to cause a bounce/thumping, especially under the load of acceleration or hills.
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cv axles

Could be one or both CV axles especially in a 99 year old model car if they have never been done. Don't make the same mistake I did of buying cheap after market stuff, get quality German parts or OEM equivalent to avoid doing the same job twice. luckily for me I was able to return that junk back to the local parts store for a full refund.
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