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Should I replace rotors at this point?

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Hey, guys,

I was going to replace the brake pads ( front and rear ) but I found
the rotors are pretty rusty(see attached pictures). From your experience,
Do you think I should replace the rotors at this point or I can refurbish
the existing rotors by sanding and re-cutting the surfaces of the rotors?

The rear rotor has 8-9 mm thickness left for sure.

What special tools do we need for sanding or re-cutting the rotors if we want DIY?:confused:

Thanks for your advice.:rolleyes:


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P.S. The last 5 attached pictures are of the left rear rotor.;) The others are
of the left front rotor.
Front pad wear limit, 7mm includes backing plate
Front disk wear limit 22mm

Rear pad wear limit, 7mm includes backing plate
Rear disk wear limit 7 mm

The rust on the braking surface of the rotor will quickly disappear with normal use of the brakes.
I see the embossed text on the disc rotor as shown on the attached picture:
MIN TH. 0.748 IN (19 MM). Does this mean the allowed min
thickness for this disc rotor is 0.748 inch(19 mm)????

My disc is genuine VW/AUDI part.

P.S. Embossed text needs to be zoomed in for better viewing.


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Yes that will be the minimum allowable thickness.

I believe we just found an error in the printed Bentley manual, the thicknesses in the previous post came from a printed Bentley manual.:(
Any reply and advice are always welcome

Never mind, any advice and reply are always welcome.;)
I checked the front and rear rotors and the manufacture (VW) specifies
the allowable min thickness: 19 mm and 7 mm respectively.

By the way, do you think the rotors should be replaced in terms of their
surface conditions as shown on photos????? I have not found any vibration
when I apply braking... Braking distance seems to be normal... BUT the surface
looks really rusty.

For 85 bucks you can replace all four rotors. Most places charge 20 a pair to turn Text Font Line Screenshot
them! I've been running for 30 thousand dust free miles with these rotors matched with Akebono euro ceramic pads another 106 bucks. Text Font Line Screenshot Parallel
. So for less than 200 buck you can be running for another 100k miles. Btw, make sure to Flush and replace, not just bleed, your brake fluid. Another 20 bucks for fluid from dealer.


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No need to replace if they pass the minimum thickness clearance at whatever machine shop you take those to. I usually take mine to oreilly's auto parts.
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