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Hi all,

Its time to give up the love and buy something bigger - a place to live! yes - but i'm stumped on if I should DEMOD the car and sell it - or try to sell it modded. The car is show only and hasn't been driven for over 2 months - just start it and move around the driveway so the tires/brakes/parts don't get all old on me

here is my car:
it's the vortex blue beetle

it just hit 21,500 miles and the mods are the following:

2001 AWV Automatic (better for cruising)
APR 92 octane chip
Autotech 2.5" SS cat back exhaust
Greddy FMIC
ABD Cup Bumper
Clear bumper lights/red clear rear tail lights
Audi TT pedals
JL Stealth Box
GTI 04 Leather Heated Seats Front
Turbo S rear seats
No Drill wing
Kamei Rear Valence painted vortex blue
rear fog/euroswitch
HIDS conversion
Audi TT mintex slotted rotors upfront
OZ Cronos Evolution rims w/Bridgestone Potenza tires
Eibach ProKit shocks and springs

I was trying to get 15 for it - but I doubt I could so would it be best to part it - or to try to sell it as is?

let me know your thoughts...

thanks all.

Tinkerer Monkey
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Nice car bro. As always. Too bad u getting rid of it but house is more important. I am sure someone will give u good $$$ for your good car.

I can speak for it. Its real REAL nice.


Some say............
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Well, it's a shame that you want to sell you're awesome NB(which I LOVE). But a new house is a new house. If it were me, I'd demod certain parts, JUST in case I ever got another NB. But then if you were to find the right buyer. Leave all the mods.

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I think I've decided to keep the car just b/c:

a) it's still fairly new
b) i love it
c) it's worth about $5.00 if I sell it!

so I'll just keep it and save it for when I get parking space at my house! :)
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