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So here is the scoop. Last spring, we had a huge hail storm in KCMO and Dominion ended up with about $1500.00 worth of hail damage :(. So, after researching a lot and looking around I found a body shop to fix the hail damage and pull another dent that the previous owner caused before I purchased it. This dent was pretty significant and required that the door be removed, dent pulled and I assume repainted. The work is great and the paint/clear coat is done quite well.

So, here is my issue. Ever since I've had him back from the shop my passenger door handle has felt odd when opening the door. The other day it got stuck when I pulled it out to open the door. One further inspection and disassembly of the door handle I find that the piece just to the rear of the actual handle (holds the handle in place in the door?) is really loose and tightening the torx bolt under the little cover on the end of the door causes the piece to stick out from the car. What is going on here? I would take a picture but it is raining a lot here and I don't have a garage at my disposal. Right now I'm just tightening the bolt when it gets loose and trying to figure out what the hell they did to my handle :mad:

Any ideas? I'm really not wanting to go after the body shop because:
1. I really don't have the time.
2. I don't want them touching my car again.
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