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Sorry if this is the wrong section - I tried to post it in the news section but it wouldn't let me.

Under wraps:

The inside felt like it was a much more quality product than the current Bugs. All the plastics are nice and soft and it seems put together very well. I love the steering wheel and the dials.

Bottom of the doors had weird tabs on them:

Which went in here when the door was closed:

I shall keep pens and business cards in this one I think:

Ipod connection in here:

Boot lid:

Press this:

And voila:

The boot is considerably bigger than on the current ones. Golf umbrellas will go in no problem! In fact, I actually got in and sat in it! :D

Under the boot carpet is a puncture repair kit. I like that they give you a jack, but no wheel :lol:

It looks as if you may be able to get a space saver as an option? I'll be putting in a full size spare and losing a bit of boot space as I can't use a space saver on tests.

1st aid:


Dials looked nice:

Space in the back is very similar to the old model:

Little cubby hole in the door card:

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Arm rest opens up and flips back:

Cup holders that you can actually get a standard pop bottle in!

To get into the fuel flap you press on it and it pops up (the car being locked activates a pin which prevents people from being able to open it and steal fuel):

Cap has a pin:

Pin goes into holder:

How handy! :D Very neat and simple idea.

Mirror switch has a separate bit for heating, so hopefully no burning them out:

Ariel on boot lid:




Headlights are much easier to get to:

Colour inside front badge:


Massive sidelight bulbs!

And lastly, Herbie and I had a nose at Stonehenge on the way home:

Hope this helps :)

Overall, I think the Bug looks much better in real life than it does in the pics. It's much more in proportion in real life. Most things feel of a higher quality than they did on the current style Bug - especially the interior.

All in all, I loved it and I'm gutted that I have to wait a year to be able to get my grubby mitts on one of my own!

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I like the pics and comments :thup:

Beetle is not coming to Finland until Christmas.
Long time to wait... I wanna see it live :p
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