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Someone Hit "Marilyn" :(

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<--This was from when I clicked the insert image icon (the little yellow picture with the mountains horizon). Then I decided to attach a file.


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Oh noes!! :cry:

How bad is the damage? Their fault, yes? :mad:
Someone Hit "Marilyn!"

It looks like just the door and the "running board" beneath the door but will their insurance come through? I didn't have collision coverage so it's their call but my insurance company says it's definitely their fault since they came from a side street. That was the reason my insurance company said there was no need to call the police.

I thought California was a "no-fault" state anyways and there wouldn't be any haggling.
Junk Yard

Their insurance company still hasn't cut me a check or told me where to go to get "Marilyn" fixed. So, I went to Pick-A-Part and paid $2 to look through their cars. There were a couple of hard tops that had been scavenged. Nothing for this a convertible though. Then I went to a specific European lot full of parts and they wanted $500 for a complete door.

Wish me luck!:)
"Marilyn" is in the Shop!

Took it to the body shop that their insurance company recommended thinking I could get a check right away and then fix it myself with some "Bondo" and Farmers was ready to deposit the money in my account right away thinking they could get off easy (less than $2,000) but then I opened the driver's side door just to look at the tools I would need to get the door off and I could not figure it out!

I ended up going to another body shop who pointed out that they couldn't give an estimate until they got into it and I know they were right! So, I left it with this new body shop and coincidentally I get a call while I'm standing in the new body shops's lobby from the insurance company! They would have got off easy because the new body shop immediately set me up with a rental car and the bill is not going to be cheap!

I was going to use the rental car to drive for Uber but when chatting with a representative from Uber I was told that rentals are not allowed. :(

It looks like "Marilyn" is in good hands and as a side note, they have a turtle swimming around in a huge tank behind the counter but I didn't get it's name.

What a work out! Accident was on 7/14/2015, "Marilyn" dropped off on 8/6/2015.

Anyone want to go for a ride in my rental Hyundai Accent?
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Hah bondo yeah right. As soon as you closed the door it would fall off. No wonder that's their "preferred" body shop. This new body shop at least sounds like they have a clue so hopefully it works out for you in the end.

Why wouldn't Uber allow rental cars to be used?
Checked On Marilyn Today

They got a replacement door and I I'm connected with their insurance company so it shouldn't be much longer!
They're Painting Her!

I went by today and was told that it is being painted so I didn't get to see her. :(

BTW I went to court on a speeding ticket and the judge dismissed the case, saving me $1,500! He still made me pay $25 for an expired registration on Marilyn.
Tomorrow I Pick Her Up!

The body shop painted everything and is putting it together now.:)
Got Her Back!

I was going to do some work around the house this morning but decided I better work on picking up Marilyn! I was right again! Went to the ATM to get some more cash then to the post office to get a money order. Had a "conversation" with the postal employee about the Saturday Night Live episode with Eddie Murphy pretending to be a white guy getting a loan from the bank and the loan officer just throwing the money across the desk because he thought Eddie was white. Watch White Like Me From Saturday Night Live - NBC.com

She didn't find it as amusing as I did.

Then I dropped off the rental car and the pretty woman that was helping me looked at my profile on the computer screen and passed me off to a hulking black man who drove me to pick up Marilyn.

At the repair shop I saw the turtle again, paid for the repair after the owner told me my battery is on its last leg and I should get it checked.

Now I'm at Starbucks typing this message on my iPad.
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How about some pics of the finished repair? :)
Glad the bugs all fixed up! No surprise about the person at the post office, I think it's a requirement for them to be grumpy and unhappy. At least till they retire, then they're tolerable :lol:
Pic of Repair

How about some pics of the finished repair? :)

What a workout! They got it started and told me to get the battery checked and even gave me the address of a place to go. I wasn't familiar with the area so I pulled into Starbucks to use their wifi to get directions and when I came out Marilyn wouldn't start. I have an emergency kit in the car and ask a guy to jump start it but he had too many connections on his battery so we couldn't figure out the positive. I then tried to use Uber to get a ride home but it didn't seem like anyone wants to give me a ride. So I ended up taking the bus and walking a mile from the stop closest to my house. Then I loaded my truck with tools and an extra long jumper cable and drove over there to rescue Marilyn. I jump started her and drove her home. Then I road my bike across town to catch the bus back to Chatsworth, CA, threw my bike in the back of the truck while I went to eat at some The Country Deli The Country Deli - 104 Photos - Delis - Chatsworth - Chatsworth, CA - Reviews - Yelp where I had the Garlic Melt. Then I drove my truck home.

You can see my legs in the reflection of the new door just like in the movie, "Taken" where the father was looking for his daughter in Europe where she was taken at the airport by someone and in his investigation he was looking through pictures she had taken on her camera, blew it up, and could see her abductor in the reflection. This scene is where the father then goes to Europe and sees the criminal doing the exact same thing to someone else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IPt91Yf8_M


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with a door repair make sure the actuator is working right. all door lights are coming on when the door is opened etc.
Checking It Out!

I decided to take your advice and went out to the car pressing the key chain unlock button twice to unlock the passenger door but when I pulled on the door handle the door wouldn't budge! I then pulled a little harder (duh) and now the handle is stuck in the "out" position! I then went into the car through the driver's door and opened the passenger door from the inside. Do you think the door is still locked when clicking the key chain unlock button?

I guess Monday I'll have to go back to the body shop!

The battery didn't charge driving it home yesterday so I am charging it now.

timeanddate.com says it's 1:31 in Los Angeles, Ca (my timezone) I don't know where newbeetle.org gets its time from.
my guess is the bracket is broken, missing, or the cable isn't adjusted correctly.

I charged the battery for two days on a slow charge but when I put it in I got nothing. I took it to Pep Boys and they hooked it up to their tester but it came back with the results of only 11.05V!

They didn't have the battery in stock and since the battery I had came from Auotzone I went there to see if I could get some sort of credit since it was manufactured in 2012. At Autozone they said the warranty was expired and that my Autozone rewards card had nothing on it so I was forced to pay the full $187.04!

Then I came home, installed the battery and am back in business!:D

I think I'll go for a test drive! :p

But tomorrow I'm going back to the body shop to get them to fix my passenger door right.
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