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Sonnenuntergang: 2004 Sundown Orange 2.0 GLS

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Today I did my first two mods! I painted the grab handles a flat black like the other black stock objects, and then I also painted the engine cover!

Tomarrow I'm getting the windows tinted, and more to come SOON!

Let me know what you guys think! I'm oober excited and have soo many mods planned!!

:D :D :D :D :D
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:lol: Finally! Pictures of your New Beetle! :lol:

Keep 'em coming! :clap:
congrats Sarah :D I love that color :heart:
I'VE GOT THE MODDING FEVAH! lol. This, I call the "Speaker cover mod". Again, done in flat black. I was so nervous screwing them in! Didn't want to penetrate the speakers!!! luckily I didn't.. :p what cha think?

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Sucks about BlackBetty but that orange is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :D
THIS IS IT FOR THE DAY I PROMISE!! lol swivel cup holder painted in flat black...small chip tho :( boo. No one's perfect!

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Congrats on the new ride. So far, so good. Keep it up!

:) Congrats on your bug!!! Looks Awesome!!!

Happy Driving!!!

John K.
Glad you're happy Sarah! The flat black looks really good! Congrats and good luck with the mods... I know you're mod crazy! :D
All right Sarah:clap: I'm loving your new baby. And the mods are cool too:bigthumb: Keep the mods and the pics coming.

And where's Black Betty laid to rest?

And change your vitals.. you've got BB's stats up there still.

C:cool::cool:l bug Sarah:banana:
:eek: :goodjob: Congrats on the sundown orange! Great job on the mods too! You sure have the mod fever :)
Nice Bug Sarah! Super to see another Sundown Orange hardtop...I think we're somewhat of a rare breed! I've yet to meet up with another one in person. kdf39 ('03 Sundown Orange GLS coupe)
Lookin' good, Sarah! And I do like the speaker frames!

Very creative!
Beetlemania said:
Lookin' good, Sarah! And I do like the speaker frames!

Very creative!

spank you, spank you...


Tinted windows today...

5% all the way around (excecpt for windshield with only a 5% strip)...It's a tad illegal..BUT I LOVE IT

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tomarrow I'm picking up a new grille, and also going to order some custom matched paint, and some stuff to black out my turn signals...It's going to be hot!
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