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Sonnenuntergang: 2004 Sundown Orange 2.0 GLS

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Today I did my first two mods! I painted the grab handles a flat black like the other black stock objects, and then I also painted the engine cover!

Tomarrow I'm getting the windows tinted, and more to come SOON!

Let me know what you guys think! I'm oober excited and have soo many mods planned!!

:D :D :D :D :D
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I'VE GOT THE MODDING FEVAH! lol. This, I call the "Speaker cover mod". Again, done in flat black. I was so nervous screwing them in! Didn't want to penetrate the speakers!!! luckily I didn't.. :p what cha think?

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THIS IS IT FOR THE DAY I PROMISE!! lol swivel cup holder painted in flat black...small chip tho :( boo. No one's perfect!

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Beetlemania said:
Lookin' good, Sarah! And I do like the speaker frames!

Very creative!

spank you, spank you...


Tinted windows today...

5% all the way around (excecpt for windshield with only a 5% strip)...It's a tad illegal..BUT I LOVE IT

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tomarrow I'm picking up a new grille, and also going to order some custom matched paint, and some stuff to black out my turn signals...It's going to be hot!
yeah, In black betty I used the sniny black, and I started thinking it looked tacky...but I think the flat black looks like it's stock. I'm really impressed. The pics don't do it justice though...looks alot better in RL..anywho, I can tell you what kind of paint it is in about 15 minutes...
Oh, the paint is Krylon Super flat. ANYWHO

Operation Joey Mod....COMPLETE!

I'm satisfied with the outcome..it's not perfect though..BUT NEITHER AM I. The glue just looks a little crazy. Man, I hope the lens stays on :-/

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where do you get the little ones? that's what I'm wanting to do, but have NO idea where to get the small ones../
Hmm, so you talk about me? What about? haha..I hope only good things! You can expect to see me out at the Jax Dubs meetings...when are they? I am going to try to make it to the meeting as much as possible...but It will be a little tough with school and work and the sorority..But I'm sure I can work something out!
hahaha nice. Well...tell them they can expect to see me out there in August!!! Hopefully I will have more mods done to Sonnen by the time I get there...we will see!!
hahah yeah man, I was totally talking about doing that!! That wont come along for a little while though..

on another note...waiting on the UPS guy to bring me something special for sonnen..it's going to look B.A. Keep you're eyes peeled!!
scarabY2k said:
Sarah, where did Black Betty go?
I have no idea. The insurance company took her away. I couldn't keep her after she was totalled.
Well, I got the stuff to black out the turn signals. I think it looks good on the rear of the car, but I think I am going to try and find color matched for the front end...if I can find some color matched vinyl I will also most likely make some eyelids.

Yessss there's a bubble. But it should go away over time.
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I did have an BLACK beetle..I totalled her...


I miss her so much.

I have an orange beetle currently
Oops, I Mean I Had A Black Beetle That I Totalled
Well I was feeling SO motivated after fixing Sonnens headlight, I felt like giving her a nice BATH. Decided to take a few pics. Whaddaya think?

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Man, it's so hard to match that orange! I found something CLOSE enough. It looks like a perfect match in the photos, but it is off a little bit :-/. I'm thinking about doing eyelids, but I think that may be a little much...

AND YESSS I have moisture stuck in my drivers side headlight. That's the one that was broken..I'm hoping it will go away over time!
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