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Sonnenuntergang: 2004 Sundown Orange 2.0 GLS

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Today I did my first two mods! I painted the grab handles a flat black like the other black stock objects, and then I also painted the engine cover!

Tomarrow I'm getting the windows tinted, and more to come SOON!

Let me know what you guys think! I'm oober excited and have soo many mods planned!!

:D :D :D :D :D
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Evanrude said:
Um.. a rear-end accident is 99.99% always the fault of the guy that hits you from behind.

If you wait 2 weeks.. the police will do NOTHING because you did not make a report NOW.

Also, if you wait 2 weeks, you'll have NO ground to stand on with your insurance company at all if you have to go back to them.

Just my thoughts .... but I'd call the cops NOW cause if those kids are uninsured... if they live with their parents then they police could go to them.

P.S. That sucks!! Poor Beetle :(
Agreed. Two weeks later, you will be screwed.

Wait. You live in Florida, right? You are already screwed. Florida is a no fault state, so the cops, unless they saw the accident, would do nothing. I know. Rear ended in Florida close to 15 times, no joke.

Hopefully he comes up with the money. Sorry.
scarabY2k said:
Now now Sarah, i'm not liking that response. It sounds like there's an escape hatch in your comment.
Sounds to me, that she may have something other then a GTG on her mind, bro. Like maybe she is thinking about getting the scratch together to fix her car, and what a RPITA it will be to get some cash out of the hands of the kid that hit her.

Just my ¢.02
xXRockyHorrorsXx said:
Took some new pics with a fellow Jaxdubber...tell me what you guys think. Still havn't got my bumper fixed...but you can't tell ^_^

Nice photos. Any more?
xXRockyHorrorsXx said:
oh, and NO I don't have any more pics of me detailing my car. Mainly because I was all sweaty and gross looking and looked like an idiot. haha
Oh. Too bad. But what I meant was more pics in general.
Very nice, I thought at first it was a checker board on there...as in, you had one on there. Not painted. Stupid, I know.
Don't you just love when a woman shaves something?

/me runs fast from flying objects.
1 - 9 of 235 Posts
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