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Sonnenuntergang: 2004 Sundown Orange 2.0 GLS

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Today I did my first two mods! I painted the grab handles a flat black like the other black stock objects, and then I also painted the engine cover!

Tomarrow I'm getting the windows tinted, and more to come SOON!

Let me know what you guys think! I'm oober excited and have soo many mods planned!!

:D :D :D :D :D
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scarabY2k said:
Sarah, where did Black Betty go?
I have no idea. The insurance company took her away. I couldn't keep her after she was totalled.
Well, I got the stuff to black out the turn signals. I think it looks good on the rear of the car, but I think I am going to try and find color matched for the front end...if I can find some color matched vinyl I will also most likely make some eyelids.

Yessss there's a bubble. But it should go away over time.
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I think it looks good on the front!
looking good! :thumbup:

maybe you'll have enough to do my beetle when i get down there. ;)
Since when do you have an orange beetle?:confused: I thought your beetle was black?:confused:
I did have an BLACK beetle..I totalled her...


I miss her so much.

I have an orange beetle currently
xXRockyHorrorsXx said:
I did have an orange beetle..I totalled her...


I miss her so much.
not again. :(
Oops, I Mean I Had A Black Beetle That I Totalled
false alarm...thank god.
Hey wow i have fallen behind a little.but your new beet is freaking awsome!!!
Well I was feeling SO motivated after fixing Sonnens headlight, I felt like giving her a nice BATH. Decided to take a few pics. Whaddaya think?

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Sparkly! :D
Sonnen's looking great. Love the shiny tires too! Looking forward to meeting him at the D&B GTG.
Man, it's so hard to match that orange! I found something CLOSE enough. It looks like a perfect match in the photos, but it is off a little bit :-/. I'm thinking about doing eyelids, but I think that may be a little much...

AND YESSS I have moisture stuck in my drivers side headlight. That's the one that was broken..I'm hoping it will go away over time!
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I like what you've done with the corners! The new shape is pretty eye-catching.
Hey Sarah...lookin good!

What did you use for the smoked lenses? Is it like window tint? Or is the spray stuff like Nightshades?

Also, I know it's kinda morbid, but did you ever get the wreck pics of Black Betty?
I bought the tinting off of www.rvinyl.com, and sadly, no I didn't get to take pictures of the damage. It was bad though....They wouldn't let me in to take pictures because the car is in my DADS name for cheaper insurance...


ANYWHO..took this pic today. ME AND SONNEN MATCH! HOORAY!
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