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I think it's great that you're getting what you want!

Good for you!:p

MomFinallyGettingMyBug said:
I hope to have my New Beetle by the end of the year! As the "Mom", I've driven the mini van to the "big family car" for several years now but I am ordering a 2006 New Beetle TDI GLS, Harvest Moon with beige interior very soon!:D
I've already told the boys, Hands off! :p But my youngest son has told me that no matter how many flowers I paint on my Bug, He will still want to drive it..........fat chance I told him hahaha.
I was going to get my Beetle last year but we only owed a years payments on our 2002, 4 door, 4WD truck. I have to keep it to haul my horses and mules around with so I waited. I didn't know they were making so many changes in the 2006 and I was a bit apprehensive about waiting but my husband saw a couple of them at the dealers and he says they are much more sporty.:cool: Well, I think they are about the same but what does a Mom know? I love em anyway. I grew up with a Bug, Squareback and a Fastback. My Dad bought an older Bug a few years ago and totally restored it including a brand new engine, he still loves his VW's too.
I may be posting for ideas and opinions regarding customizing my New Beetle too. Any information or opinions regarding the 2006 NB is appreciated
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