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Talimena Info

Hi Water Beetle Fans!

I wanted to get this thread started because I know the interest in this no-so-new and undiscovered treasure of a GTG can be well represented our region.

There is about a 20% chance that Nurse Diesel and I possibly will be in Dallas for a conference the week prior to Talimena this year. If we are, we will be rolling in with the DFW folks. We would of course head back with the SE group.

For the 80% chance that we will be coming from Jacksonville Florida we would be happy to organize and lead the parade. We would probably leave on Thursday and plan on stopping somewhere for the night. Getting an early Start Friday morning and rolling in heavy with our carabugvan on Friday.

Of course we would expect and love to have people join us on the way in. A BIG New Beetle convoy is impressive to witness running down the highway!

Anyone else up for a road trip to one of the newest and most exciting New Beetle Rallies in the country?

Hey Chuckie,
I would like to know more info about going up with SE from Jacksonville, let me know a date or approx. date so i can maybe start planning to go with you :) thanks Tai
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