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Spark Plugs

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Probally an old story but....I want to confirm the right ones...What plugs are the BEST to use in 2008 beetle vert SE PZEV BPR engine...thnx in advance....
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This plug; seems to come up with a typical search, you might want to do your vin #, as the PZEV, could be a issue: (from what I am seeing: NGK is the oe for Volkswagen on your car)

Volkswagen Spark Plug (Platinum) - NGK Laser Platinum 6737
VW/Audi OE: 101905600C, 101905600

Type in your VIN #; search here, see if it is the same part #:

Volkswagen Parts 2Go | Genuine VW Parts | Up to 25% Off

NGK's search engine: come up with this result:

NGK Spark Plugs USA

Cars, Trucks & SUVs


Spark Plug Laser Platinum
Part No.PZFR5Q-11
Stock No.#6737
Plug Gap.044

NGK Laser Platinum® Spark Plugs
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Thnx again Billymade....That is one of the #s I came up with....Also on the NGK site.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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