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Speedometer problem

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The speedo on My car quit working and I have some questions ! When it first occurred, it was jumping around and then quit . Next few days worked fine now its dead, with no hope of coming back to life . The rest of the dash functions are ok tachometer is good as well as fuel gauge , the cruise control is still functioning so I'm thinking its the dash speedo and not the vss. If I need to get a junk yard replacement , How do I remove the speedo from the dash? also will I have issues with the miles shown on the speedo. and finally can I use one from any bug or will it need to be a turbo model . TX. for the help in advance. Sorry I have so many questions, just trying to fix this as cheap as possible !!!!!
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TX ! Billymade this was most helpful especially with the You tube videos. I think Ill look for the stepper motor replacement option . It will eliminate that immobilizer problem and probably be cheaper too ! Since my cruise control still works I'm going to assume the vss is probably working.
Also, I was wondering if is really necessary to lower trans to replace vss as stated in the Bentley service manual , that would be crazy.
Do you have access to a vw/vcds type of scanner? That way; you could read the factory trouble codes and test the speedo, confirm the problem.

google: "vcds" or "vag scanner"
No, I have a scanner / code reader but I don't think it will pick up the vw codes. so I am guessing on the stepper motor. I figure the vss must be working to tell the cruse control how fast to go.
yes you would need to lower the tranny, its easier than you think. does not take that long and is not that hard to do, that was the problem with mine also.
OK here's where I'm at . All cluster functions work except speedo and odometer. The cruise control works and I was able to get a speed reading on a OBD scanner that I have . I replaced the stepper motor on the speedo with a used one from E bay. Still no function . I'm assuming that since the cruise works and that I get a reading on my OBD scanner , that I received a defective stepper motor and that the VSS on the trans is working. Thanks for any in put because this is starting to drive me nuts . TX. ELDO !
It would really help; if you could get access to VCDS, doing output tests on the cluster would help with your process of elimination (output test; tells you if the stepper is functional). Being able to read any; specific vw trouble codes, would be a big help as well... maybe you can find someone or a independent vw shop, in your area that has the vcds scanner? Aside from swapping out the speedo, stepper motor or sending it out for repair; I don't know what else you could do...
Ya maybe that's why the dealer charges the big bucks he has the tools .
Would one of the Ross tech programs work
Yes, when I say "VCDS"; that is the ross tech cable/program product. Your looking at $250-$350 depending on if you want can bus capability and you would need to run it on a windows based pc. If you are going to keep your car and are going to be repairing things yourself; I would recommend you invest in the tool... it can do pretty much everything the factory vw scan tool can do! For me; it paid for itself the first time I used it and has saved me tons of money, without being beholden to my local vw dealer! :cool:

Ross-Tech: Home
I think ill look into it .Ill be keeping the car we are the original owners and I have been fixing car myself since the warranty ran out. I've been real good/lucky at making successful repairs but this one is challenging me . Some body mentioned a fuse # 5 or #7 on the side of the dash is this a possibility ? After today the car will be Semi retired ,because my wife is picking up her new Caddy CTS , but she couldn't let go of the bug, so we keeping it because it runs/looks great and its fun to drive.
Well, it sounds like you are a "hands on" type of vw owner and would prefer, to not take your car to others to get things done and pay the high costs of repairs these days! In that case; I would highly recommend that you get vcds; the longer you own these cars, the more repairs they need and the more in depth the troubleshooting abilities, will be required for the advanced repairs you will be doing! While, the initial cost may seem high; it is really a bargain compared to other professional diagnostic tools that are on the market and you will never pay for upgrades for the software (software can be downloaded from the Internet for free!)!

Get it and lets get this thing fixed! :)
With a 2k bug ,2k Eldorado 69 vette, and now 2014 cts at home repairs are mandatory! As the cars get older they require more attention . So ill be fixing this for sure, pressure will be off cause it wont be a daily driver !
Been busy so I am still working on this . It looks like the stepper motor on the speedo is good so I am looking for the vss for the speedo. I cant seem to find the dam thing amidst all the hoses and junk down there. can any one point me in the right direction . I want to check this first before I make my next move . TX.
Is your car; a stick or auto? Good manuals to look things up are here:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals

If you are not ready to spring for vcds; you might considor, a cheaper less then $50 code reader, look on amazon.com for vag405 or the latest version vs450. These will give you the factory vw trouble codes; while not having the advanced output test and live data features, at least the vw trouble codes, could help you troubleshoot things in a more specific and hopefully intelligent manner.
OK. Finally got to the bottom of this problem, the drive gear in the trans is shot. not the shaft that drives the VSS but the ring gear in the trans that drives the shaft . Does any body know about replacing this I assume that this is a big deal to repair . TX.
per wiki

Volkswagen 01M transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Occasionally, the plastic speedometer drive gear will break and fall off of the differential carrier and the speedometer will stop working. To repair this, the transmission must be removed and the differential disassembled far enough to replace the plastic gear.
not sure if there is an easier way but someone will come along and let you know.
Thanks for the reply ! This sounds like this could cost some cash if I don't do it my self.
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