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speedometer speed sensor location

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i have searched and can not find the answer to what i need, first the speedometer and odometer do not work, ever thing else does on the cluster. transmisson has a hard shift, i checked the fuse in driver compartment,it was good, leaving me to think its the speedometer sensor. i took the breather box out and still do not see the little sensor anywhere. its a 2003 beetle automatic,glx turbo.
any one know the location of the sensor and any other suggestions as to what the problem could be ? thank you for your help.
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thank you very much, that was it, however did not fix the problem.
Depends on what transmission you have; have you confirmed the issue with a scan tool? Using a VW factory level scan tool; like vcds, you can test the speedo cluster and check, that the speed sensors are working, ti narrow down the problem.

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