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Speedometer won't go over 65mph. GPS @ 85mph.

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When the speedometer reads 50, GPS has me @ 53mph. When Speedometer reads 60, GPS has me @ 68mph. Speedometer won't go above 65, even though GPS has me @ 85mph. The odometer is innacurate as well. GPS and milemarkers are at 150 miles, odometer reads only 120 miles. Any ideas?
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Sounds like a bad signal from the speed sensor in the transmission. If you have a scan tool you could try monitoring the vehicle speed and see if it has a steady reading.
Sounds like a vehicle speed sensor problem of some sort.

If it was the speedometer servo motor, the speedo would be wrong but the odometer would be correct.

Usually the VW speedos read a bit fast but the odometer is usually dead on.
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