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Hi all - just joined this forum and have been searching for threads about this topic, so I do know this is a common problem. The cheap plastic engine guard or splash guard or whatever it is called on my 2007 New Beetle has shredded and is barely attached. I have been taping it up to avoid scraping.

As I said, I've read threads so I see the best solution most have suggested is to get the aluminum guard from (forgot the name...somethingGeek :eek: ). My questions are these:

- who do I get to install it?

- how much should it cost to install?

- can I still get my oil changed at commercial oil-change places (ie, does it have to be removed and will they remove it)?

These may be silly questions, but I'm not car-mechanically-minded and don't want to be "taken" financially from a mechanic or dealer.


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Here's what you need
Panzer Plate heavy duty aluminum skid plate kit for 19982010 New Beetles by
It's an easy install for someone who is a novice mechanic. Perhaps there is someone you know who could help you with it. If not, any body shop or reputable service garage would do it for around $50.00.
I wouldn't pay much more than that for an installation.

You can still get your oil changed as usual although I would not use one of those "jiffy lube" type places. There are hundreds of horror stories on here about stripped oil drain plugs, wrong oil, wrong filter, overfills etc. that should scare you away from those places.
Find a reliable place that possibly specializes in VW service to have this work done.
It will be worth it in the long run.
Hope this helps.:)
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