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Springs/Coilovers Guide 2012+

I did some searching and not much info on lowering the 2012+ beetles.

Can you guys and gals post a pic and the details of size of the tires and what kit you are using to lower the car. Ride of the car? rubbing etc...

I am thinking of trying the Eibach
PRO-KIT PERFORMANCE SPRINGS with the stock 235/40ZR19 maybe too low?
# 85112.140
Front: 1.2 in
Rear: 1.2 in

Does anyone have them? :D

Here is NEUSPEED says 3/4" front and rear 1" I believe the rims on that red bug are 18".


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Wow. Nothing at all? Just bought a 17 beetle and I’m looking to get coilovers. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there now.
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