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Sometimes when the car is cold it will start and run fine but when I get ready to go it will stall like it is starving for fuel, but if I ease off the gas peddle then slowly press it back down it will catch up and run fine. Every couple days I will get a P1128 code. I have followed directions online on how to test the 02 sensor and mass air flow sensor with VAG-Com, they both test fine.I put a fuel pressure gauge on it today and here are the results with new fuel filter installed:

Key on- 35psi
Idle- 35psi
FPR Vacuum line unhooked- 44psi

When idling at 35psi I can rev the engine up and it will reach 43psi then it drops to 33psi and eases back up to 35psi.

I have also checked for air and vacuum leeks and replaced a bad cat.
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