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Starter Relay Code

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My daughter has a 2008 New Beetle that has two codes P0349 Control Circuit for Starter Relay 2 (Open Circuit Intermittent) and P0348 Control Circuit for Starter Relay 2 (Short to Ground Intermittent). Both seem to come back but don't really seem to influence the running of the car, although the battery voltage seems low and might be related to this. Have plans to change out the battery this summer. Anybody have any experience with the starter relay? Am having some trouble nailing down the exact part number for this relay. I think it is under the dash on the drivers side, but not quite sure.


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Thanks for the response billymade...my fault though for mixing up some numbers!! The codes are P3049 and P3048...switched the location of the zero!

I would have the whole charging system tested; to make sure, everything is working as it should be. Most auto parts stores; should do this, for free.
Since the codes; seem to all be starter relay, related... You might pull the relay; Inspect the relay, wiring, contacts and circuit for damage, melting etc. many times; when a relay is failing, there will be a strong burning smell, coming from it.

starter relay location:


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Thanks for the diagrams billymade. Just need to get the car in state now and pull the relay to inspect and get the part number off of it. Went to a VW dealer today and they couldn't find anything in their system about a starter relay!!
You might look up here: (of course; you could get the part # off of your old one),

Volkswagen National eStore
Had not come across that web site before. I'll use it! Of course there is no listing for the starter relay though! I did pull out what I think is the starter relay today...part # 8K0 951 253 and that vw website just calls it a relay. It isn't an expensive part, but I'd like to confirm that this relay I have out is indeed what they call the starter relay. I'll see what the parts desk person can tell me next week.

so the relay I pulled out is part #8KO951253 and the parts counter person said it is a pretty generic relay. Their computer called for part # 4H0951253A. Replaced the relay, cleared all of the codes and we'll see how she runs for the next few weeks.
Cool, let us know; how it goes! :)
code has come back, so need to dig further. Have some advice about checking the connections on the back side of the relay panel. Also noticed that there is some arcing when the battery terminal is reconnected. I suspect a short somewhere, no?

Also had a P3078 Throttle control: Airflow at idle too low code this past time


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