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steelies whith caps and beauty rings

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I have a 98' beetle with 16" steel wheels and I don't like the look of regular hubcaps on it and I have been seeing a few cars on here with the old vw centercaps and beauty rings and I was wondering how yall attach the centercaps . I'm sorry if this is a stupid question I'm new here but I guess that's what these forums are for . Any help will be greatly appreciated , from one bug guy to another.
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Got you covered, here is the thread to read :


One thing I would recommend as a personal side note of my restoration of some early Beetle wheels. I use some stumpy 3/16 pop rivets with a thin backing washer. I pop them from behind the rim with the washer under the ''pulled'' part of the pop holding the clip. Its much easier than trying to make the original solid rivets work
Thank you very much.
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