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Steering Wheel Pop

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I have a slight pop that is noticeable in the steering wheel when turned. It is most aparent when the car is stopped or traveling at lower speeds (under 40 mph).

In December I had the inner and outer tie rods repaced at an independent VW shop due to the mileage on the car (then 198k). They told me the car was tight and everything was well. The pop in the wheel existed prior to the new tie rods but was less noticable then. I expected the new tie rods to eliminate the feeling but it did not.

The pop feeling has increased in intensity over the last few months, but not to the point where it effects steering control; just anoying. I am hoping that there is some kind of U-joint in the steering column that is worn rather than the steering rack itself.

My question is this: has anyone experienced this issue and had it resolved?
Has anyone disassembled the steering column and seen or replaced any U-joints?

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Maybe you're looking in the wrong place, Two other things to consider There is a small bearing under the strut bushing that go's bad and could also cause that pop when turning. Have you looked at your CV axles? could be that too.
my guess is the strut bearing and strut mount bushing.

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