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Hi all,

Have a 2006 NB TDI Level II I purchased new and have loved the car except the for headliner, glove-box, console, window switches, ect... :rant2:. Anyways...Son now drives and a couple of the speakers are now shot. Parts guy gave me possible part nos if I replace with factory @ $767.71, though there is question about the dash units. This car has the Monsoon system with Sirius, 6CD changer in the back, 3.5 jack and either 6 or eight speakers.

Can someone post or link me the specs for this system please. I think one of the door speakers is 2 ohms but need the impedance for all 6 or 8 to replace with non factory if possible. Also need best hands free phone solution.

Dealer was no help so any here is appreciated.

Thank You
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