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Still having a/c issues

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Quick summary:
Originally had blower motor "ALL" speeds / no a-c
Found loose fuse in fuse box on top of battery.Everything worked about 5 seconds then the metal contact tab for the switch fell out.I glued the tab back in and had only fan (speeds 2 & 3)no a-c
Replaced climate control switch with "NEW" oem switch and had speeds 2 & 4 / no a-c: next I tweaked the metal tab and now I have blower speeds 2 & 4 no a-c except****if I tweak the fan speed switch a little past the #2 position the a-c comes on.*** But that is the only position that it will work in. Still do not have speeds 1 or 3 and again only have a-c at just past the normal resting position of fan speed 2. Any ideas ???
Another $160.00 new switch that may or may not work? Toggle switch for a-c compressor ? I am open to suggestions.:confused:
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This may be of some use to get your A/C working again.

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