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Stormtrooper - 2000 Cool White 1.8T GLX

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For starts, here is a link to the old forums and my dub's page http://tinyurl.com/dxne3

Bailey DV - stealth black
OEM air filter
Mobil 1 0W-40
Mobil 1 filter
Turbo S fender liner
Snowbox removed
GIAC'd (11.22.03)
N75 "H" valve (12.13.03) Install How-to
ABD Racing 1.8T Lower Intercooler Tube (06.27.04)
Hose Techniques silicone vac lines
Mod'd OEM airbox (7.31.04)
GHL 2.5" TB exhaust (8.28.04)
VF Engineering pedulum mount (4.11.05)
Samco Sport Silicone Boost Hose Kit (8.04.05)

ATE vented front rotors
Brembo OE rear rotors
Mintex reds all around
Neuspeed SS brake lines
ATE Superblue fluid
18" O.Z Superleggeras Race Silver
225/40/18 Toyo Proxes 4's
Koni adjustables
Eibach Sportline 1.8" springs
VF Engineering sway bar end links (4.9.05)

Platinum Tint 35%
Disabled DRL's
Audi TT Antenna
Perfect Fit bra
NB Tyvek cover

Thugsta in my budvase
Lighted budvase
1/2 Dash mat
AutoWindow Classic
Touareg Electric Tourch (Flashlight)
Monster Mats
Evenflo Triumph 5 Comfort Touch Convertible Car Seat
Turbo S dead pedal
Turbo S door lock pins
Turbo S vase
Autotecnica Chrome Shift Cover
Turbo S door panels


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still runnin it and still lovin it! :bowdown:

manoverboard987 said:
hey corey-

are you still running the blue pool hose intake mod?

i just found that write-up of yours on the old forums, and i'm seriously contemplating it.

I'm wondering how it's held up for more than a year (any problems with the pool hose, etc.)

THANKS! :wave3:
some of my very first shots 08-21-2002

sorry everyone. time to catch up!

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couple shots for the old site 09-11-2002

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Samco Boost kit

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Turbo S door panel swap

So one of my wants is to have an all black interior, like the Vortex Blue New Beetles. This is the next best thing. I found a set of Turbo S door panels for sale on eBay. These were supposed to be on for our SVFest 2005 but I had a little trouble with the shipper. They finally arrived and I was able to do the install today. There was a few missing attachment items as well as the black grab handle covers (need to order) but everything is a direct fit so just a simple swap.

Overall I am very happy. The sills were a bit scuffed and black does show a hell of alot more than the gray! So I may be complete on my all black..

and no I'm not trying to make a Turbo S..

The front doors are easy compared to the rear panels. 3 Torx on the bottom and 2 phillips behind the grab handle cover.



Driver side closed:

Passenger, both:


Switch swap:

Along with the panels, I ordered a few other Turbo S parts.

Dead pedal:

Door locks:


and last my chrome shift plate cover. I'm not a fan of 3M stuff but I've always loved the chrome plate in Passats etc.

Chrome plate:
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fun fun

from last years southernVolksFest2004


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one of my favorite shots, plus i took home 1st in mild custom :D


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ha, here ya go. whens TNBRU 06?


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april 1st... you sure ;)

that would be a blast! ill have to check google maps. maybe i can swing down and collect noR :D
My son and I on a NB spotting in Seoul, Korea. Click the shot for a few more VW related images.

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cyber, wow i can't believe you havent seen me or the NB. I live just outside of Agnes Scott. I work downtown...

I see CG NBs around, what gives yours away? Mines pretty much the only white one and its the only mod'd one aound!
German Castrol 0W-30

moving from M1 0W-40 to the GC 0W-30

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hit 48,000 and a completed a throttle body cleaning.

will have a how-to soon
paid off

as of 9/01 the dub is paid off!
dnyed said:
Woohoo! :clap: More money for the NB! :lol:

We need to see more of you. Don't be a stranger! :(
ha, i wish. hard to convince the "significant other" that a new SMIC or turbo is needed..

anyhoo, i am trying to get a new camera! might hit ya up with some ?'s
JuggBug said:
:strooper: Your son is adorable! He's got the fevah....way to go dad! :D
thanks. obviously havent been here in a while to see this..
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