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Strange Trasmission

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Hi Team, Thanks to this forum, i solved most of my beetle problems, and again i'm getting strange things.
2000 vw beetle 2.0 4 speed transmission, today i had to replace the alternator because it was not charging anymore, after that, i took the car out for a spin, and now is the transmission, when you set it in Drive, you have to give the car a little gas, and then you will feel that it went in Drive, the reverse and other gears does not do this, but it runs and shifts perfectly, last time i noticed in high speed it doesn't shift to the 3rd gear fast, it goes till 4000 rpm and then it shifts, but if you drive normally it shifts perfectly, oil changed about 3 weeks ago, and filter too.
i'm thinking about to replace the Speed sensor, but i'm not sure.
did you guys got any of this problems?
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Have you scanned the car? With the battery disconnected during the r&r of the alternator your computer most likely lost its learned settings. Your trans will need to go through a relearn if everything was OK before.
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