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Strut mount upper noise

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I recently did a complete overhaul on my front suspension.

  • Left and Right Control Arm Assemblies
  • Left and Right Tie Rods Assemblies
  • Left and Right Lower Ball Joints
  • Left and Right Upper Strut Mount Rubber

All worn out as you see in the photos.
Control Arms>

Tie Rods>

Strut Mounts>

The problem is I still have about 1/8" space on the top of the mounts, causing a slight clunk on some fall down holes in the road and speed bumps at very slow speeds,( when the mount moves )what am I missing? The replacement "stops" are the same that is on the car now.


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I believe that is normal. I have a gap after I did what you did plus new struts. Squeaking and such could be from worn shocks.
Thanks for the reply, but I don't think that is it, with the car jacked up there is no gap, jacking the tire with body up, the strut assembly moves.

Now going a step further, removing the strut from hub, why nothing is attached but the top mount, I can myself move the strut assembly up and down duplicating the knocking sound, both sides.
Google "gap in strut tower on a VW". It's covered in every VW forum. It's common. 1/4 normal.
thanks, guess its time for a new set of struts.

I replaced the left one couple years ago and should have done both sides. :(

I will order some high performance struts, even with what I've done the thing drives like NEW!
Check out Blauparts.com. They have a great set for cheap. That's what I am running at all corners. It doesn't lower the car any but after 170k on the originals on mine, I forgot what it felt like when it was new.

I had all sorts of rattles and the got to the point where I could not drive the car up on jacks. The gap also freaked me out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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