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Suggestions of possible problem/solutions to my Bug

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Okay I want to state that I have been reading thread after thread on this site to get a possible idea of what could be wrong with mine when it dawned on me to join and write my own thread about what is going on with me car! lol Anyways....

My 2001 Yellow Beetle, which I love, is being a pain in the butt. I will admit that I'm a young college student that does not know much about cars and I try my best to educate myself about my car internally, but when it comes to the internals of a car it all still seems to be a foreign language to me. So I want to apologize in advance if I don't know the technical names, in and outs of things with my car, and just seem plain dumb to car language. I can tell when my car is fine and when it's not though! lol Anyways to get back to what is going on with my car to the best of my knowledge....

Last week my car started to rough idle and while driving my check engine light came on. Which when I was stopped at a stop light you could tell that it was idling between the lower rpm range. Nothing else happened and no other lights came on. I made sure not to stay out long, since I didn't know what was going on. The next day when I went to go turn my car on and see if the check engine light was still staying on the car acted like it was going to start up and all the lights blinked and my car shut off. I tried it again and my car started but the check engine light was on and so was my battery light. When I tried starting it again it just did the same thing and shut off. Later on and the next day my car was just completely dead. Nothing worked on it. So I knew my battery was dead. I made an appointment with Village Motor Werks, within Raleigh, nc to bring my car in and a towing place. I knew I could possibly get my car jump started but I didn't want to run the risk of trying to drive it there and my car breaking down on the way there. It only cost my $75 to tow it anyways. Anyways they got the car started and it is still doing the rough idle thing but my engine light wasn't on anymore they said. Their diagnostic machine that they hooked up to my car is saying there is a "throttle valve control module issue". I'm waiting on them to call me back because they said they are going to hook it up to another diagnostic machine or something that is going to help them get a more accurate idea of what exactly is going on. When I was on the phone with them they were telling me that it is possible that I need my engine control module reprogrammed, but they wanted to do another diagnostic check on my car before saying for sure that I need to take it to the dealer to get that done since they don't have the equipment to do that specific thing. So as of right now that is where I am at with my car.

I'm trying not to worry or get upset, I understand things happen to cars and things need to get fixed, but it has really been one thing after another with this beetle since it was bought for me in early 2008. I absolutely love my yellow beetle, it was the car that I have always wanted as a first car, I just wish it could go a full year without something going totally wrong with it. Besides taking it in for the required tune ups and oil changes and the regular things needed to be done the radiator has been replaced, the alternator, and most recently in late November 2010 I had to get a head gasket replaced because it blew. I have a whole list of little things that were replaced on it when the VW dealership replaced my head gasket and all related components to it. Between then and now this car has ran completely fine from what I can tell because before when I had problems with it the check engine light would come on and it would have idling issues when started up and driving. I really do love this car but when the repairs that have all seem to be happening one right after another varying in months of each other are adding up to the amount this car is worth it just gets frustrating. I really do try to take car of my car and make sure it gets the oil change and tune ups regularly and I put gas in it when needed. I just pray and hope there isn't anything majorly wrong with my car this time around.

If anyone reads all of this and gets to this point I want to thank you for taking the time to read it and hopefully you could give me some better insight from what I have said to what it could be possibly.
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You don't say what the dead battery issue was, or how they were successful in getting it running. Not having/using the correct VAG-Com equipment to check your car, would be a real red flag. Another Orger, Smileybug, I am sure will be along. When, ??? She is in the process of moving to a new home. She is in NC and I'm sure can point you to a reputable independent NB shop that will be much better for you. You might send here a p/m as she probably gets notification on her phone. Tell her MORAV sent you.

In reply to what you were saying about my battery, when they got by bug they were able to charge my battery and get my car started. Do you know what part of NC smileybug is in?? Also I didn't state this in my first post but my car is automatic. From what I'm reading online about the throttle body I'm really hoping it is something easier to fix and not having to replace anything big, like the throttle body module if the problem even is within that part of my car.
Here I am! :) I'm in Raleigh, moving to Cary, but in the area. I actually work at NCSU, and I assume you go to NCSU since you went to Village Motorwerks. First, if they don't have a VAG-COM, then their diagnostics aren't going to be very good. I know of a wonderful shop in Raleigh...been taking our cars there for a good 3 years+ and they are VW/Audi specialists. Apex Tuning is the shop and they are off of New Bern Ave. in the Eastern side of town. Great guys. Much cheaper than the dealer and they will take good care of you.

First big step though is finding out what the exact code was that they pulled, as in, what was the code number. (Should be a Pxxx code, with x's being numbers).
Hey Yellow, could you share with us which engine your car has? 1.8 turbo, 2.0 ?
Hey there Smileybug! Hey there Design!

I have a 2.0 engine..sorry for not including that. I wish I had a turbo! I wanted to update yall on what is going on. Since putting this up earlier today somehow between charging my battery back up and hooking my car up to the diagnostic machine my car is running fine now. They didn't do anything else to it, it all of a sudden just got better. The mechanic himself who has been working on VW's for over 30 something years doesn't have an explanation for it. I'm glad it is running good again, but I just hope there isn't some underlying problem with it in the near future. I will drive for the next few days and see how it does to make sure things are good with it. But they have changed my oil and topped off my car fluids and checked my tire pressure and I got out of there today with a little over a $100 to have to pay. So as of right now I'm a happy beetle owner and I'm hoping that whatever happened for my car to somehow seem to fix itself that it stays that way!

Also Smileybug what do you do at NC State?? I actually live within Clayton, NC and go to JCC in Smithfield, NC right now getting my associates in science. I'm hoping to get into NC State once I'm done getting my Associates so I can finish out my bachelors there and it is my top choice of school for Veterinary school also. =)
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Nothing "fixes itself", ever! It could, however, been a ECM that needed to either be reset at the time of the swap (apparently they don't have VW specific equipment) or it will reset itself after a period of "relearning" which is probably what happened, and you are good to go. You might take SBs advice on the shop, as they ARE VW guys, and if you p/m her, she will probably tell you who to say sent you. We kinda' remain anonymous, openly on the Org.

Glad she showed up here, I knew she would, because like me she reads almost every thread and every post.

I agree with MORAV. Problems don't just disappear or end for no reason. I've not heard much about Village Motorwerks so I can't say if they are a good shop or not. But I know Apex is top notch.

And I work with Forestry Extension on campus. Finished up my Masters in May and got a job here on campus so I guess I'm here for a bit longer :p Great school though. I love it.
I have a 2001 turbo that was acting strange like that, my son cleaned the throttle body butterfly and cleaned the mass air flow gadget that was in there too, charged the battery as well... It's running great right now, keeping my fingers crossed though..
I'm sorry, am I missing something. The throttle body and the MAF being in need of cleaning should have nothing to do with a battery needing charging unless it was just drained from constant attempts to start.

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